Our Team


Diane Hersam — Founder

Diane is the Founder and the Owner for Shlshk. She loves to provide our readers with the latest Health News from all around the world.

Phone: (+1) 813-875-3259
Email: [email protected]


Jason Hubert — Editor

Jason is working as the Editor at the Shlshk. He likes to keep our readers updated with the latest Health updates before anywhere else.

Phone: (+1) 813-873-5329
Email: [email protected]


Juan Hoyos — Reporter

Juan is the Reporter working at Shlshk. He tries to learn everything new going on in our Health World and provide it to our readers.

Phone: (+1) 813-876-1492
Email: [email protected]


Marcel Enguerra — Writer

Marcel is working as the Writer for Shlshk. He loves to write about the latest Health world and provide it to our readers.

Phone: (+1) 813-873-6329
Email: [email protected]


Shanda Brown — Author

Shanda is the Author working for Shlshk. He likes to provide our readers with everything they need to know about our Health World before anywhere else.

Phone: (+1) 813-879-4521
Email: [email protected]